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How to I select my Built World Photo, customize it, and add it to my shopping cart?
SELECT YOUR Built World Photo by
Clicking on it.
Click on the Shopping Cart icon.
Click on “Prints” or
1. Click on “Small”, “Large”, or “Square”
2. Click on the desired size and media type.
3. See the “Buy this photo”…“Add to Cart” process.
Click on “Wall Art”
1. Select Metal,
a. Select your preferred size,
b. Select “Float Mount” or “None”
c. Select “Finish” (Glossy w/ Metal or White Base, Matte w/ Metal or White Base)
d. Click on “Buy this photo”.
e. Follow the “Crop/Edit” – “Add to Cart” process.
2. Select Framed
a. Select your preferred size,
b. Select your preferred frame, matt, and paper type.
c. Click on “Buy this photo”.
d. Follow the “Crop/Edit” – “Add to Cart” process.
3. Select Canvas
a. Select your preferred size,
b. Select “Natural”, “White”, or “Black” wrap.
See the “Buy this photo”…“Add to Cart” process

The “Buy this photo…Add to Cart” process.
1. Click on “Buy this photo”.
2. Click on “Crop/Edit”.
3. Click and hold on the image frame and drag it around the subject as you wish.
4. You may have to try several of the available sizes to find the best fit for your selection.
5. Click on the slider to zoom in or out on the subject as you wish.
6. Click on the “orientation” icon to change the orientation of the photo image frame.
7. Click on “Reset” to undo your changes and revert to the original.
8. Click on “Apply” when you are satisfied.
9. Click on “Preview”.
10. Click on "Add to Cart” when you are satisfied.

How about if I want a large format print?
My images are uploaded at good density for efficient file sizes and good quality for small- and medium-sized prints. If you want a larger format image (18” and larger), please send a note to me and I will upload a high-density version to provide the quality that you expect and deserve.
How about if I just want a print that I can take to my favorite framer?
I will send your Built World Photo, but if you want greater variety of matts and frames, here's a link to a good nationwide framing studio in the U.S. that can mount, matt, and frame your Built World Photo. For example, I have many pieces in my home from Michael’s: “https://www.michaelscustomframing.com/”.
What sizes and aspect ratios (length versus width) are available and how do I fit them in my selection?
Built World Photos were taken in a variety of sizes and aspect ratios. To give you the greatest choices, a wide variety of image sizes are available. As you make your selections, use the “Crop/Edit” – “Add to Cart” process to fine-tune your choice and find the best fit for your Built World Photo.
How are shipping and sales tax calculated?
They are automatically calculated, based on your location and your order.

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